Here Comes the CTSA Conference!

If you plan to attend The 73rd Annual Convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America in Indianapolis next week, be sure to look us up. We’ll be showcasing our latest— and our most influential— books that we’ve published in the last five years.

Romero & Grande coverWe do believe that Grace is at Work in the World, and attempt to show this in the titles that we publish. Whether exploring the grace of recent saints—St. Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa) and (soon-to-be Saint) Blessed Oscar Romero—or the impact of Pope Francis, or topical themes of Evangelization or the Creed or Eternal Life, we bring the best of Christianity and Catholicism to parishioners, students, and scholars.

We salute Sr. Ana María Pineda, Oscar Romero scholar and Lectio author, on her recent election to co-lead the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, West Midwest Community. You won’t want to miss hearing Ana María as a panelist discussing the Theological Witness of Oscar Romero on Friday (June 8) 2:30 in the Lincoln Room.

Stop by our book table to say hello!

Two Powerful New Releases

Our new spring book releases couldn’t be more diverse: a scholarly work that fills the gap in any study of evangelization, and an inspirational albeit practical solution to harness the power of the Resurrection.

Sample excerpts and details are available:

Evangelization: Building and Rebuilding the Kingdom

Evangelization: Building and Rebuilding the Kingdom: Issues of Language, Culture, and Conversion

Evangelization coverLeon F. Strieder’s 492-page scholarly work is not a cursory presentation of evangelization—quite the opposite. While much has been written on evangelization and conversion, many liturgical studies lack a good sense of the history of evangelization, and even the historical studies lack a liturgical understanding of the methods of conversion.

Other studies may address early Christianity or the spread of Christianity to England or Germany, or the mission to the New World or the Far East or Africa, but they are without much insight as to what was operative in the methods of conversion and evangelization. Strieder addresses head-on the importance of language translations and how difficult it is to faithfully express textual meaning in a different language. He adds new underpinnings now needed to speak to our times. When it comes to the issues of language, culture, and conversion, this book bridges all gaps. #evangelization

This book is recommended for courses in Evangelization, The Early Church, Church History, and Church Development courses.

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