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We believe that when audiences are stimulated and moved by what they read, they want to be more engaged with the whole product.

We are an academic publishing house for scholarly works in disciplines of theology, Biblical studies, religious studies, and church history. We also publish commentaries, references, and resources for academia, ministry, and pastors. Our audiences are colleges, universities, and seminaries as well as parishes, retreat houses, and other institutions of faith.

Our mission is to help scholarly writers contribute to the understanding of God, faith, and religious tradition by delivering first-class publishing services and books that are well-crafted and affordable for all audiences, especially students.

Founded in 2013, the partners are Mr. Eric Wolf and Mrs. Linda Wolf.

Eric Wolf MA, MBA portrait

Eric Wolf

Production Editor

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Linda Wolf

Design Director


Vision & Mission

We believe that readers who are stimulated and moved by what they read want to be more engaged with the whole product. They want to connect with and comment to the author and engage in a continuing intellectual dialog on the subject matter.

We believe that it should not take years to have a book published, or months to have a proposal reviewed. We believe that publishers, like information, should move at the speed of the Internet.

We seek to partner with universities that have publishing projects yet no in-house press, professors writing for tenure and promotion, and for scholarly authors whose books require peer review.

Our primary mission is to advance human knowledge, understanding, and learning in:


Biblical Studies

Religious Studies

Church History

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