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Why Lectio?
We are a small niche publisher that enjoys a personal relationship with our authors. We are nimble, creative, and easy to work with. We publish print-on-demand softcovers and eBooks and assist authors with supplemental material for classroom use.
What We Accept
We accept unsolicited manuscripts from professors and students in Catholic and Reformed colleges, universities and seminaries; professionals in ministry to the church; and certain philosophers of religion, the Bible, and theology.
Submitting Your Proposal
Proposals should be in electronic format and include:
  • Proposed Title and Table of Contents with a description of each chapter
  • Description of the work and reasons you believe it is unique in the published world
  • Intended audiences—who will buy your book
  • Personal and professional information and what qualifies you to write this book
  • Introduction and first chapter
  • Letters of endorsement or peer reviews (if you have them)
  • Samples of supplemental materials/teaching aids (if you have them)
  • URLs of websites with professional information about you (Wiki, professional, social)

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Peer Review
If your manuscript has not yet been peer reviewed, we may be able to assist you.
Traditional or Partnership Publishing
Lectio is both a traditional publisher and a partner publisher. How to choose:

Traditional Publisher – Lectio charges nothing to the author. We pay all costs for editing, layout design, book cover design, and printing. Lectio acquires the ISBN and LOC, and handles the marketing, publicity, and book sales and distribution. In return, Lectio makes most of the profits and bears all risks. The author earns a traditional royalty paid quarterly.

Partner Publishing – Lectio and the author share the cost of production, marketing, publicity, and promotion of the book to the extent the author is willing to investment in themselves and their book. Royalties are agreed to in advance based on services provided. But unlike books that are self-published, Lectio is the publisher of record and owns the ISBN.

Handing It Off

Manuscripts Accepted
We accept manuscripts in areas of theology, Biblical studies, religious studies, and church history written for colleges, universities, and seminaries. We also accept commentaries, references, and resources for academia, ministry, and pastors.

We accept manuscripts in native word processor format, e.g., Apple Pages or MS Word. If your manuscript contains Hebrew, Greek, or languages other than English, we can work with it; we read Koine (NT) Greek and Biblical Hebrew as well as Latin.

If you are unsure whether the work meets our criteria, don’t hesitate to , (772) 932-7969.

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Getting to Work

What We Do
Once a manuscript is accepted and an agreement signed, you will immediately begin working with an advanced editor. You and your editor will exchange Word documents using ‘Track Changes’ until you sign off on a final edited version. Before or during the editing process, endorsements are gathered; creative work for layout and cover design commences; promotions and marketing activities begin.

Bringing It to Market

Print and eBooks
Lectio publishes using Print-on-Demand distribution services for softcover books. This method of printing only what is needed reflects our vision to produce high quality products at the lowest cost for all audiences, academia, and especially students. We use the latest technology to produce elegantly designed and produced ePubs.
Promote & Market
Lectio’s distribution model is worldwide, broadcast for inclusion in electronic catalogs of thousands of points of sale, wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers. Our marketing models are web-based. We actively partner with our authors to engage readers.
Author Marketing Tools
Lectio authors are represented on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. We provide author access to social media pages and encourage interaction with readers. We offer author websites and blogs, marketing collateral (flyers, bookmarks, posters, etc.) for conferences, email marketing, and many other on/offline marketing tools and techniques.


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Copyright Management


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