Resurrection: Truth or Deception?

resurrection_power-epub_cvrIn Resurrection Power! Spiritual Solutions for an Anxious Age, Robert Garrity seeks to represent timeless truths from philosophy, theology, psychology and law to introduce readers to the idea of leading victorious, joyful lives, even in these anxious times. He offers a spiritual guide that is as practical as it is life-changing, organizing his discussion around empowerment over daily struggles and joyful acceptance of what cannot be overcome.

Garrity draws a framework for exploring the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and argues that we, like Jesus after the Resurrection, share in his new and indestructible life and that we rise daily with him. We share Paul’s teaching that “Sin and death have no more power over him.”

Second Edition

In this newly released second—digital only—edition, the author challenges us once again to delve more deeply into the subject through supplemental material…The Resurrection: Truth or Deception? Here Fr. Garrity explores a unique approach to find proof of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. He explores “is God real?” through examining the historicity of the evidence—truth or deception?—through a “mock trial” narrative with St. Paul on the stand in order to bring out the facts in the “case” followed by a hypothetical “verdict of truth” that Jesus rose from the dead. Finally, Garrity offers an analysis of the Bible’s narrative tradition along with an hour-by-hour timeline of the first Easter Sunday.

Throughout, Fr. Garrity shows the source and relevance of the Resurrection doctrine in an easily understood format with frequent summaries of major points and scriptural references. The book will engage readers seeking to better understand the relevance of the Resurrection and its explosive power for genuine spiritual renewal. Buy the eBook on Apple iTunes »

Mother Teresa’s Mysticism

Mother Teresa's Mysticism coverSaint Teresa of Calcutta’s mystical awareness of Christ in the poor not only transformed her own life, but the lives of millions of people throughout the world, Christians and non-Christians alike, awakening a deeper appreciation of the inherent dignity of every human being. Mother Teresa’s Mysticism by Robert M. Garrity (Lectio Publishing, May 2017) specifically explores what is yet to be learned from her experience, theory, and praxis—particularly through the lens of her mysticism—and suggests that theologically it must be affirmed to be fully consistent with, and expansive of, the Church’s spiritual tradition.

Father Robert M. Garrity, Assistant Professor of Theology Education at Ave Maria University dives into Christ’s private revelations (Eph 3:3-9) to Teresa, aside from her extraordinary vision or locutions, and labels her experiences as Christo-ecclesio-humano-centric mysticism: a profound consciousness of God’s presence in Christ and in His people, and especially in the poorest of the poor.

Teresa discovered and loved Christ through extensive periods of darkness of the soul and in service to the poorest of the poor. Her life and her example uncovers for us all a new place for “doing theology” in today’s world.

The book argues that Teresa’s mystical knowledge of Christ in the poor is distinctive, not because no one else has identified Christ in the poor (e.g. St. Elizabeth of Hungary and St. Vincent de Paul), but that Mother Teresa’s mysticism colors her entire worldview and her theology-in-praxis in an unequaled and most observable way, thanks to the power and influence of today’s 21st Century media.

The author uses a simple three-step method to analyze Mother Teresa’s theology to:

  1. explore one or more quotations from Mother Teresa on each of several theological topics
  2. compare her thought or practice with that which the Church believes and teaches in this area, as expressed in Scripture or Tradition
  3. consider whether Theresa’s thought in each area can influence contemporary theological reflection and pastoral practices.

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Robert M. Garrity, JCL, STD, is currently an Assistant Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University, Florida where he has served since 2004. He received his S.T.D. and J.C.L. from The Catholic University of America (Washington, DC) and his BA in English Literature from Aurora College. He is author of Resurrection Power: Toward a Spirituality of the Resurrection (Lectio Publishing 2016), and O Happy Fault: Personal Growth through Spiritual Progress (Paulist Press 1994). Fr. Garrity was ordained in 1981.

Romero & Grande: Companions on the Journey

El Salvador’s Archbishop Oscar Romero was assassinated while presiding at Mass in 1980. Three years earlier, Rutilio Grande, S.J., priest and friend of the Archbishop, was also murdered for the same offense—speaking out for the poor and vulnerable.

By Ana María Pineda
Published: May, 2016

Decades after his death, Romero remains a controversial figure in the life of the Church and in his homeland of El Salvador. For some, the announcement of his beautification by Pope Francis was joyful, for others troubling. Until this book, the stories about these these men have grown elusive and vague. Now El Salvadoran native and Sister of Mercy Ana María Pineda once again catapults these two martyrs into our collective consciences in an account that is both significantly personal and painstakingly researched during multiple trips to her homeland where she discovered surprising facts very “close to home.”

Archbishop Paglia said at the beatification of Archbishop Romero: “It is impossible to know Romero without knowing Rutilio Grande.” Fr. Robert S. Pelton, C.S.C., Notre Dame, said about the book: Understanding more fully their relationship is the special strength and contribution of this book. I recommend this book as an essential part of the living tradition of prophetic leadership in the Latin American Church.

Latinos in the Americas live their faith not as individual spiritual quests, but as communitarian pathways to God. Romero and Grande unveil how commitment transforms human weakness. This book inspires us to imitate everyday holiness of spiritual leaders not as isolated heroes, but as members of what Christians call the communion of saints. —Timothy Matovina, Professor of Theology, Co-Director, Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame.

Years of research and personal interviews went into this insightful, inspiring book. Much more than biographical, this deeply moving examination of the faith journeys of two key figures in the history of the Church come alive as great leaders and pastors, but also as profoundly human men of faith who can be companions in our own spiritual journeys. —Roberto S. Goizueta, Margaret O’Brien Flatley Professor of Catholic Theology, Boston College.


  • Courses on Social Justice
  • Courses on Liberation Theology
  • Studies on modern martyrs
  • Studies on the Hispanic Church
  • Parish Book Discussion Groups

Dr. Ana María Pineda, R.S.M., is a member of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, and a graduate of the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago (M.A.) and the Pontifical University of Salamanca, Spain (S.T.D.). Doctor Pineda was on the faculty at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and served as Director of its Hispanic Ministry Program. She is a founding member of the prestigious Hispanic Theological Initiative that supports Latino doctoral theological graduate studies. She is currently Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University College of Arts and Sciences.
A native of El Salvador, Ana María as an adolescent met personally with Archbishop Romero, and her family is related by marriage to Fr. Rutilio Grande.

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Two Powerful New Releases

Our new spring book releases couldn’t be more diverse: a scholarly work that fills the gap in any study of evangelization, and an inspirational albeit practical solution to harness the power of the Resurrection.

Sample excerpts and details are available:

Resurrection Power!

Resurrection Power! Spiritual Solutions for An Anxious Age

Resurrection Power! coverEntirely practical in nature, though inspired by timeless truths from philosophy and theology, psychology, and law, Resurrection Power! provides readers with useful thoughts about living every day with a supremely-positive attitude and strength. St. Paul identifies this as “the power of Christ’s resurrection”—given for victorious and joyful living in this life and in the next.

Author Robert M. Garrity underscores that Resurrection Power is not a force that relieves us of all pain or removes all suffering from our lives, but really can help us to rise above our daily problems, burdens, and difficulties. #resurrection

This book is recommended for Basic Theology, Soteriology, and Resurrection courses as well as church libraries, book clubs, retreat houses, and anyone seeking practical solutions for relieving the stresses of daily life.

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