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Atheistic Humanism, the Democratic Party, and the Catholic Church
Will Our Bishops Act to Save the Faith?

David R. Carlin

According to the author-a former Democratic state senator who was once a leading figure in Rhode Island politics-the "mind" of the Democratic Party has been converted to atheistic humanism, an ideology (or worldview) that is the deadly enemy of Catholicism. It is this ideology that has given America its present-day culture of sexual freedom, abortion, gay marriage, and transgenderism. More and more this atheistic ideology controls the chief propaganda organs of American culture-the journalistic media, the entertainment industry (film, TV, popular music), our colleges and universities, our public schools, and the Democratic Party itself. If Catholicism is to survive in America, we Catholics, following the lead of our bishops and priests, must fight back against atheistic humanism and its agents. By and large, however, our clerical leaders-above all, our bishops-have been doing a very poor job of fighting back. The author traces the rise and fall of Catholicism in the USA, and he calls on our bishops to issue a collective pastoral letter condemning the Democratic Party.

Format:6.14x9.21” B&W soft cover
Size:220 pages
Publication:7 April 2023
Price:$ 19.95 USD


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