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Three Sexual Revolutions
Catholic, Protestant, Atheist

David R. Carlin

The great American sexual revolution commenced in the 1960s. Still going on today, its latest demand is that we should all recognize and endorse the exceedingly weird phenomenon called transgenderism; we should believe, that is to say, that a man/boy is a woman/girl if he feels that he is, and that a woman/girl is a man/boy if she feels that she is. Earlier in its career the sexual revolution demanded that we approve of fornication, unmarried sexual cohabitation, out-of-wedlock childbirth, pornography, no-fault divorce, abortion, homosexuality, and same-sex marriage. The revolution has been relatively successful in its previous demands, which have been complied with not simply by huge sections of the general public but also by the US Supreme Court; and as a result the USA is, morally speaking, a very different country from what it was prior to the 1960s. Those on the cultural left will tell us that the USA is a much better country thanks to this sexual revolution; those on the cultural right (among whom is the author of this book) will tell us that the USA is much worse than it might have been.

Format:6.14x9.21” B&W soft cover
Size:156 pages
Publication:12 February 2022
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