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Rutilio Grande
Memory and Legacy of a Jesuit Martyr

Ana María Pineda, R.S.M.

Jesuit Rutilio Grande’s martyrdom at the hands of El Salvador security forces in 1977 had a profound influence on the quest for freedom and justice for the poor and marginalized. This book adds to his legacy countless reflections and memories shared by those who knew him.

Although decades have passed since the assassination of Father Rutilio Grande during the country’s civil conflict in the 1970s and 1980s, his memory and presence have become a rich legacy for Salvadorans and many others beyond the borders of this small country. This book pursues the question: Who was this man? In rich detail, the author explores Rutilio Grande’s homilies, writings, and correspondence and also presents an image of the man as referenced in the sermons of Saint Óscar Romero.

Following Rutilio’s life journey and conducting copious personal interviews enabled the author to gather the voices of those who knew Rutilio Grande and whose memories are still vivid and vibrant. This book adds to shared stories, photos, and remembrances, his words sung in hymns and folk ballads, his image painted on colorful murals on neighborhood walls throughout El Salvador—all of which speak of Rutilio Grande, a man of the people.

Format:6.14x9.21” B&W soft cover
Size:140 pages
Publication:22 January 2022
Price:$ 16.95 USD


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