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One Knight’s Journey
Perspective of a Knights of Columbus Supreme Director

Scott A. O’Connor

One Knight’s Journey follows the progress of a man who rose through the ranks of the largest Catholic Lay organization in the world, the Knights of Columbus, from an entry level member at a local council in southeast Florida, to one of twenty-four members of the Board of Directors.

The autobiographical story chronicles his faith formation process; motivation to join the Order and his journey rising through the ranks. One of the primary focus areas is coverage of the author’s time as the State Deputy of the Florida Jurisdiction, a leadership position with responsibilities for managing a group of more than 56,000 members, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The story focuses on facing adversity, natural disaster, the loss of his wife to Metastatic Breast Cancer, overcoming long odds to maintain the organization’s operations during the shut-down of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The story is intended to provide other members of the Knights of Columbus, especially those who may be in leadership positions, or are contemplating getting into leadership roles; with examples of the kinds of issues that they may face, and an explanation of how the author handled the situations he faced.

The story also provides many examples of the workings of the Knights of Columbus, from local councils to the highest levels of leadership.

The book includes faith validation examples and is a story about staying focused, even in the darkest times. Overcoming long odds and finding ways to thrive when other organizations were falling by the wayside, utilizing modern communications and technology, help to explain the success story.

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Thank you so much for the gift of One Knight’s Journey. I found it inspiring, touching, and educational. I also believe it shines an accurate light on the importance of Catholic men being a part of the Knights of Columbus. Like you, after the loss of my wife to cancer, I felt so alone and lost. If not for the overwhelming support I received from my Brother Knights, I don’t believe I could have resumed my life as soon as I did. Thank you for sharing the blessings we have received by being a Knight of Columbus. Fraternally,

Format:6.14x9.21” B&W soft cover
Size:128 pages
Publication:22 November 2022
Price:$ 19.95 USD


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